To: All PTI Members & Pekiti-Tirsia Practitioners.
From: Tuhon Bill McGrath.


This year’s summer camp was a great success, with several important curriculum blocks learned and several members passing their tests as they progress in the system.

Therefore, it’s time for the senior instructors and I to begin planning next year’s schedule and curriculum.

The reason I am writing to you so early on this, is because some curriculum blocks we might teach next year would require different spaces than others and we need to book locations as soon as possible to make sure we have them available.

To that end, we need input from PTI members and other Pekiti folks who have attended our camps. What would you like to see taught at the 2023 camps?

We are planning two camps next year:

1. A Spring camp to be held in Louisiana in late March or early April, which will be taught by Tuhon Scott Faulk and Magino’o Dan Terrell.

2. A Summer  camp, to be held in the area of Brockport, NY, likely in early August, and taught by Tuhons McGrath and Latorre.

Each of these camps will also have the assistance of any PTI instructors with the rank of Mataas na Guro and above who can attend the event.


(Please keep in mind the following is not written in stone. The purpose of this letter is to find out what PTI members want and need taught for them to take their next steps in the system).

Tuhon Jack and I have been working with the following curricular template for the summer camps for the last few years:

As chief instructor for PTI, I have been working my way through the curriculum with a focus on Advanced Single Stick/Sword. Since we just finished the Alphabeto/Numerado/Offensa-Defensa sets at this year’s summer camp, the next logical curriculum block to train in would be the three sets of spear. This would complete our advanced solo long weapon curriculum.

Meanwhile, Tuhon Jack has been focusing on helping our current guros reach their next level in the system. Since he has finished the Espada y Daga material with the 3rd set at this year’s summer camp, the next logical step for him would be to start on double knife work.

As for the Spring 2023 camp, Tuhon Scott and Guro Danny are considering teaching two classes at this camp.

Class 1 will focus on reviewing what was taught at this year’s Summer camp and will be split between practicing “multiple, meaningful reps” and exploring variations of the core material.

Class 2 will focus on material that will prepare the students for attending the Summer camp in NY.

Here are some possible other issues the senior instructors and I have been discussing.

SPEAR: One factor we need to think about is the location we will rent.
If I teach spear, then I will need to do so outdoors, since that subject requires so much space. Tuhon Jack has a location in mind for this at another local park in his area. It has a lodge that is smaller than the one we rented for this year’s summer camp, but has a large outdoor area that is surrounded by large trees that can offer some shade for most of the day. We will still be at the mercy of the weather though, but this location also has a pole barn that can get us under some cover if it rains. This pole barn would have to be rented at an additional cost. A thunder storm would shut us down for the duration of the storm, as we would all have to crowd into the lodge until the storm passes; so keep that factor in mind when choosing a camp curriculum.

DOBLE’ DAGA: (“DD” for short) This is a large curriculum block as double knife is divided into 5 sections, (and the three sections based on EYD each have a set of Attacks, Disarms, Contradas & Recontras).  Since it is so large, we can’t teach all the Doble knife material in one year and could only cover two or three sections over the two camps planned for 2023.

If the majority of PTI members tell me they wish to begin learning double knife in 2023, perhaps we can divide these blocks in two ways.
One would be to have a block taught at the spring camp and two more taught at the summer camp. Teaching any of the EYD based Doble’ Daga blocks would also require that camp be expanded to four days.
Either Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday could be used, depending on your feedback and what facilities are available for rental.

If any sets of double knife are to be taught at either of the 2023 camps, it would be helpful if attendees first had training in Empty Hand vs Knife level 1, or Solo Knife 1 to learn Doble’ Daga 1; and at least one of the EYD sets to learn Doble’ Daga 2, 4 or 5.

(DD level 3 is a short, stand alone set that can be taught after class in a private lesson with an instructor; if you ask with enough lead time to book a spot).

These are what our instructors feel are some of the logical next steps for our 2023 PTI camps, however, we need to hear from PTI members before any final decisions are made.

Which curriculum blocks do you need to take the next steps in your blue book?

Here are some PTI resource pages to help you choose:

An Outline of the Pekiti-Tirsia System: https://pekiti.com/pages/pti-outline

PTI Rank Requirements: https://pekiti.com/pages/pti-rank-requirements

The playlists page on my Youtube channel: (20 playlists in total) https://www.youtube.com/user/TuhonBillMcg/playlists

Tuhon Bill