LTC Seminar Day 1: PTI Walking Stick & Irish Stick Fighting

LTC Seminar Day 1: PTI Walking Stick & Irish Stick Fighting

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CURRICULUM: PTI Walking Stick & Irish Stick Fighting

Bowdoin Park, Pavilion 4
85 Sheafe Rd
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Schedule: Saturday June 10, 2023.

Morning session: (9 AM to 12 PM) Tuhon Bill McGrath will teach the 36 techniques of PTI Walking Stick for Self Defense.

Afternoon session: (2 PM to 5 PM) Coaches John Borter & Trish Chiovari will teach the foundational elements of Doyle Style Irish Stick Fighting.

This seminar will be limited to 25 students per day.

NOTE: Safety glasses are required to be worn during all classes. Training tools should be made of wood or polymer. If you plan on bringing your own training tools, please choose ones without metal parts and no points or sharp edges.

Recommended equipment: A cane or walking stick will be needed during training in Saturday’s sessions.

For PTI Walking Stick class, any wood or polymer stick that fits you as a walking stick and has no sharp points or edges likely to injure a training partner will do.

For the Irish Stick Fighting class, a wood or polymer walking stick that has no sharp points or edges likely to injure a training partner and has a knob or hook on the end is preferred. John Borter will have his custom made hardwood training sticks available for sale before his class.

Work gloves are also recommended. If you are not used to training for six hours a day with the types of tools used at this seminar, you would be wise to bring a pair. Mechanix Wear brand gloves have worked well for our students in the past and they have a wide variety of models available at most hardware stores.

We will be working outside in June, in a grassy field if the weather is good, or under the shade of the pavilion roof if needed. Please bring enough water or sports drink to sustain you for the day, plus sun screen, a sun hat and insect repellent, your personal prescription medications and a basic first aid kit.