LTC Pekiti-Tirsia & Italian Partisan Spear Zoom Class

LTC Pekiti-Tirsia & Italian Partisan Spear Zoom Class

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(Pekiti-Tirsia & Italian Partisan Spear)
Sunday, April 2nd, 1pm to 3pm EST

This 2 hour Zoom class will focus on the use of two different styles of training with a spear, the Pekiti-Tirsia cutting spear and the Italian Partisan spear.


Tuhon Bill McGrath has 48 years experience in the Pekiti-Tirsia system of Filipino Martial Arts and 20 years as a Police Defensive Tactics instructor.

Maestro Devon Boorman has 30 years experience in Italian martial arts including swordplay, polearms, wrestling, and mounted combat. He is the authour of Introduction to Italian Rapier and Introduction to Italian Longsword as well as the Director of Academie Duello Center for Swordplay in Vancouver Canada.

Registration includes video of instructors teaching to download after class ends.

Registration for this class ends at 12:00pm EST, April 2nd. Note: You must register prior to this time to be eligible for the video of this class.

Can’t attend this class because you are in a different time zone, or attending another event? Registration for the Zoom class includes the video feed of the instructors teaching to download after class ends. You won’t get to ask questions, but you will get to see and hear what those in attendance learned at the class.

Recommended equipment for this class:

One smooth, wooden pole of at least your own height and approximately 1 inch or 25mm in diameter.
This pole can be shorter, if needed, depending on the area you will be training in. Remember to check your training area prior to class, for any lights, furniture or other items that may be accidentally hit with your training pole and choose the length of the pole accordingly.

One pair of work gloves.

One pair of safety glasses.