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Welcome to the Official Website of PEKITI-TIRSIA INTERNATIONAL

Tuhon Guro William R. McGrath

President & Chief Instructor

Welcome to the Official Pekiti-Tirsia International Website. Bill McGrath started his training in Pekiti-Tirsia in 1975 at the age of 14. In 1994 Bill McGrath was promoted to the rank of Tuhon Guro (Chief Instructor) by Grandmaster Leo Gaje. A year later Tuhon McGrath started an official organization with the aim of preserving and promoting a single art, Pekiti-Tirsia. That organization is called Pekiti-Tirsia International.


Tuhon Bill McGrath has taken the art of Pekiti Tirsia to a much more organized stage. The seminar was easy to understand and incredibly valuable to any martial artist. The material was absolutely combative and yet presented in a safe environment. He covered details from head to toe. His understanding of applications and motions is phenomenal. His personality was friendly and helped to encourage even the beginners to work hard for him. The whole weekend was a pleasure. I recommend him highly. (watch out for his sense of humor – he fit in perfectly around here!)

Rick Faye (Minnesota Kali Group)

I would like to thank you for the seminar at MKG (Minnesota Kali Group). I had a BLAST!! Your sense of humor was a definite bonus, my gut still aches. The Pekiti-Tirsia system as you taught it was a real eye-opener. Fortunately for me, the few encounters that I have been in, never got to cutting anyone (the threat was enough). I have spent a lot of time working on knife tapping, but it is now apparent that I have a lot more work to do. We have worked on the primary and secondary, but most of the tertiary moves that you showed us are new to me. As far as the quadrary motions from ice-pick, it is all new. Also, I am totally used to a really light touch. The person with the dagger leads, and the touch is very light, as opposed to what you taught us on Sunday. Before I saw you, my attitude was to give a slash and wait for my opponent to weaken, it is now apparent that that is not enough to ensure that I will survive the encounter. Although I was disturbed by it, I believe that the reality of the knife that you brought to us is very important.

Mike L. (Minneapolis, MN)

I have as yet to see any other martial art of any type address the very real aspect of multiple opponents in a combat environment. Pekiti-Tirsia training has prevented the physiological effect of tunnel vision in the situations I have been faced with in my line of work ( L.E.O. ). I always look for more than one threat, and never focus too much time on any single threat ( if possible ). The P-T training I have received from you is first rate. The curriculum is well presented, direct, and focused towards the techniques you are teaching. You are never hesitant about showing the students a knife variation, hand variation, etc. One word sums up Pekiti-Tirsia and your teaching methods: EXCELLENT.

Ken J. (Dyersburgh, TN)

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