The Foundations

Welcome to the Official Pekiti-Tirsia International Website. Bill McGrath started his training in Pekiti-Tirsia in 1975 at the age of 14. In 1994 Bill McGrath was promoted to the rank of Tuhon Guro (Chief Instructor) by Grandmaster Leo Gaje. A year later Tuhon McGrath started an official organization with the aim of preserving and promoting a single art, Pekiti-Tirsia. That organization is called Pekiti-Tirsia International.

The aim of this new organization was that it be free from the politics and internal strife that Tuhon McGrath had seen plague so many martial arts and organizations down through the years. It seems that as an art grows in popularity it also grows in political intrigue and disputes over rank.

To accomplish this goal of a politics free environment, Tuhon McGrath structured Pekiti-Tirsia International in such a way that anyone can become legitimately trained and ranked in the system. In Pekiti-Tirsia International:

There are no secret techniques
All the techniques to complete the entire system are clearly outlined in an easy to follow series of two test books called “Blue Books”. Each page of the Blue Books consists of two sections that need to be approved by a certified PTI instructor.The first section is stamped when you are instructed in the technique. This means a certified instructor has taught you and explained to you the technique. After you understand and become proficient with the technique, you can test on that technique with a certified PTI instructor. Pass the test and your book is stamped as passed for that section of technique: clean, clear and simple proof that you have passed that section of instruction.Once the books are filled up you finish the system and can pass it on.

There is a known ranking structure
The system consists of a structured ranking system. Outside of this list there are no other levels.

The techniques are consistent from instructor to instructor
All the techniques in the system are clearly outlined and available on video tape from your instructor. Any instructor who finishes their Blue Book can train you on any page in your book and you can rest assured that the techniques are the same from instructor to instructor.