In Pekiti-Tirsia International, rank denotes instructorship level: ranks indicates which curricular material an instructor has qualifications to teach.
Lakan Guros are assistant instructors.
Guros Isa through Guro Apat are considered full instructors.
Mataas Na Guro is considered a master instructor and is capable of teaching the entire system.
Magino'o is an elder statesman and respected for particular skills in teaching the entire system.
Tuhon is considered the system administrator and conservationist of the
So what is a Certified Trainer?
A Certified Trainer is someone who shows competency in a particular curricular block and has been approved to teach said curricular block.
Certified Trainer level tests the student’s understanding of a particular curricular block as well as their communication skills, as an instructor watches them as they 'teach' the technique to a training partner.
A Basic Test involves the testing candidate showing the 'what' and 'how' of a chosen curricular block. The candidate demonstrates 'what' the techniques are, and 'how' they are to be executed.
The Certified Trainer test is designed to test a student at the level of instructor on that particular curricular block...not just the 'what' and 'how' but the 'why' and 'when', in order to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding. There is also the important aspect of the testing candidate's pedagogy. If the goal is eventual instructorship, an ability to communicate and teach needs to ne demonstated as well.
Upon successful completion of testing by Certified Trainer status, that testing candidate is now 'certified' to teach that particular curricular block to others.
Anyone who holds ranks in the PTI organization should have every curricular block required for that rank up to the level of Certified Trainer status.
The Certified Trainer status empowers a PTI member to teach a curricular block (or blocks) to others legitimately without holding formal rank.
Rank in PTI occurs when certain clusters of curricular blocks are completed and tested to Certified Trainer status.
Certified Trainers will have the official stamp and signature of the testing administrator/full instructor in their PTI Blue Book for each curricular block they have successfully tested in.
Once certain clusters of curricular blocks are signed and stamped by a PTI instructor, rank can be approved and awarded.
I hope this helps.
Jack A. Latorre
Executive Director
Pekiti-Tirsia International