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  • Big Blades for your family’s Get Home Bags.

    Blades discussed in this article: (Top) CRKT Kangee T-Hawk. (From Left to Right) Cold Steel Gurkha Kurki Plus, Ontario OKC Kukri, Ontario SP10 Marine Raider Bowie, Ontario SP5 Survival Bowie, Becker BK5, Cold Steel Drop Forged Survivalist, Cold Steel OSI, Cold Steel Rajah 2.
  • EDC Knives for Women’s Self Defense

      Photo:Spyderco Endura (old model)Spyderco Endura (new model with the steel clip and Emerson wave feature)Cold Steel Black Talon IISpyderco Resil...

    I was asked recently for my recommendation for an Every Day Carry knife (a.k.a. EDC). The parameters were that this knife should be capable for sel...